Kate Ballis on her series
Infra Realism

I started my Infra Realism series in February 2017 while I was at Modernism week in Palm Springs, California.  Palm Springs is almost a second home to me, so after photographing its deserts, houses, pools, and cars many times it started to become a bit ordinary.  Although I was still in love with the place, my wonderful friends, and mesmerised by the light on the mountains, it was no longer my artistic muse, and I really wanted to re-enchant the city and the high-desert landscapes.  So looking for a new medium, I had a Sony digital camera converted for infrared, bought a variety of coloured filters and the results completely changed the way I viewed the place, and beyond that, it provided me with a window into another world.

The infrared spectrum of light emanating from plants sits just beyond the light spectrum visible to humankind. When I started taking photos in infrared I was able to focus in on hidden things in nature that as humans, we’re not equipped to see. Things that lie just outside of our physical perceptions.